Blood Becomes Water Crew just came back from a lovely trip to Milan and a great independent publishers event organized by our friend Dafne Boggeri. We made the release of the new Catastrophe Issue there with a simple print installation on the wall, situated in huge venue called O’Artoteca shared with Bes­ti­alo Culapsus, Jes­sica Gaud­ino, Barok­thegreat, Debrouiller, Mino & Annette, O’ Book Store, Cam­illa Can­dida Donzella aka Shame, Sonja Cvitkovic, Tipo­grafia Test­a­mento, Studiolent, Alfa60 e Cripta747. 



How the situation looked like..


Mino&Annette with dope jackets and a dead rat!

Tipografia Testamento

Daniella Isamit part of NEO BATIK and TISANA dj set. Check out the stream recording below..

Terry Richardson at spazio O’ 

Posing for the blog!


Shame and her flourescent posters!


Facebook by Sonja Cvitkovic

Cripta 747 risograph set up! Support these guys, they need your help now at


CHEERS, we had a blast, hope to see you soon!


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